Monday, November 16, 2009

something new at home....

咩黎架... .. . .


Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEW in Store

其實還在製作一些x'mas card
換新schedule 同新calendar
因為今年想送身邊朋友一些特別的schedule 同calendar
所以決定落手, 自家製

有製成品, 再同大家分享
至於, x'mas card, 雖然知道這的確有點不環保
但實在喜歡收card 的感覺
實在覺得實實在在一手執card 的感覺, 是現今sms, email, msn 祝福比不上的

所以為了可以繼續在x'mas 送上實在的祝福..
好讓我留一點quota 在x'mas 時用

oh, 回正題
以下貨物將會在la belle epoque 出現

今期的key necklace 會跟有一個小布物架.... =p

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nov 1 - going to this

hea 住入黎,
hea 住咁探各手作人
hea 住咁花錢買心頭好,
再hea 住咁去訓下草地
i m ready to hea!!!! yeah!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Craft Market Vol 1

glad to be part of it.
such a wonderful day with SUNSHINE!!
love those cute babies, love those little sharing and chat about handmade, craft..whatever we both interested in.

but still too tired after the long weekend.
i will update here in real soon..
update with photos ofcoz..

last but not least.
thanks those who like D For Apple
it is a joy for me to see ppl wearing what i made, or like my every little pieces.
and enjoy every conversation with all of you!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


一份handmade 的禮物
繼皮氣schedule 後, 另一可以送給男生的好皮氣
oh 好像還未送上皮氣schedule 的相呀..後補~~
當然這個皮氣cardholder 送了給ckb

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally got my second Frankie on hand!!!

this is my first frankie magazine i bought in Sydney Airport, while i was waiting onboard.
it just catch my eyes among heaps of magazine from the news agent
and i can tell..i made the right choice..
it is just soooooooooo nice..
i tried to find this magazine in hk, but all i got is disappointment.
none of the foreign book shop sell this magazine, not even dymocks !!!!!

how to solve??? i asked my frd from melb to get a copy for me!!!
and i believe i m going to ask my sister to send me a copy of Frankie every twice months!!

and this is the second frankie i got!!!!
i cant wait to finish it !!!

oh yes..i got 2 new postcards from my frds..
they are just very my style..i heart this...!!!
alto they are not the traditional type of postcard.
what is traditional type???? the one with nice scene, n always a headline telling you where we went...ahhahahhahah